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Not Wild About Williamsburg Condo/Hotel: Neighbors, Cats

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'Burg condo-hotel The Residences at the Williamsburg, the North 11th Street complex with apartments from $446,500 to $1.57 million and pillows carefully accessorized with mints, is now doing double-duty as a poster child for its 'hood. The Times pays the former Development Du Jour a visit, and even though no residents have checked in yet (construction's slated to wrap up in October, with the hotel opening in March), the developer is already thinking big. He wants The Residences at the Williamsburg to do "what the Gansevoort did for the Meatpacking District or the Rivington did for the Lower East Side, which was to solidify the neighborhood."

And how does the neighborhood feel about its upcoming solidification? Eh. One neighbor and local bartender "expressed surprise that guests would want to spend upward of $300 a night to wake up to views of 'middle-aged softball players like me.'" Ah, those Williamsburg views! Also probably not thrilled with the development: future residents' cats, since one of the developers already uses the building's remote control technology to chase his cat with the vacuum cleaner from the scratch-safe distance of his office.
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The Residences at The Williamsburg

135 North 11th St, New York, NY 11211