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$12K/Month Apartments Ready to Rent at Soho's Tunnel Garage

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The big bracing is long gone at the corner of Thompson and Broome in Soho, where a batch of 38 new units at 55 Thompson are nearly ready for renters. The nine stories of high ceilings and loft-y living, from developer Manhattan Skyline and architects at the Stephen B. Jacobs Group, will open a leasing center on the premises later this month and are planning occupancy this fall (a priority list sign-up is about the only thing currently found at the 55 Thompson website). The building once promised not to be flashy, but it seems to be hoping the market has a short memory: rents will be spendy, with one-bedrooms starting at $6,500 a month, two-bedrooms at $12,000, and three-bedrooms at $18,000/month. Some of those "select units are equipped with gas fireplaces, private balconies and wrap-around terraces."

With rents like those, it's anyone's guess what it'll cost to grab the "sky-lit penthouses" that "dazzle in the sun" and come with views of surrounding Soho rooftops and the Holland Tunnel traffic jam down below. Still to come is a single-family 3-story townhouse, now getting clad at the corner where Broome meets Sixth and Sullivan. One handy amenity already finished but not listed on the building's site: the 24-hour car wash sitting right across the street from what will be the townhouse's private entry.
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55 Thompson Street

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55 Thompson

55 Thompson Street, New York, NY