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Wheels Down on Canal Street; Living Room Views at 40 Gold

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TRIBECA?A tipster offers some photographic proof that the new Ferrari/Maserati dealership is closer to done at Enrique Norten's One York. Now the buyers of the pricey (but discounted!) apartments upstairs can fill up their spots in the robotic parking garage a little more easily. [CurbedWire Inbox]

FIDI?A few readers wrote in with less than enthusiastic color commentary about upcoming 56-unit rental 40 Gold. From one neighbor: "I live across the street and have a view into the new building. My apartment is...situated right across Ryder's Alley, which is a tiny street. Anyone living on the east side of 40 Gold will have about 15' of airspace, and then a nice view into our living rooms in 15 Cliff street. Anyone on the west side will have views into the buildings across Gold Street. The only open view from 40 Gold is to the North, but this facade has only a few small windows for bathrooms. Poorly designed, and not very specific! From what I can see on the 11th floor, they are just starting to sheetrock the interior this week." [CurbedWire Inbox]

One York

1 York Street, New York, NY 10013