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Soap Star Can't Unload Her Parents' $4.5M Gramercy Co-op

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Last season on Selling New York, HGTV's NYC real estate reality show, As the World Turns star Noelle Beck's quest to find a buyer for her parents' pied-a-terre (celebrities: just like us) ended in total failure. At the time, the 50 Gramercy Park North pad was asking $5.45 million (actually a decrease from an earlier $6.9 million price tag). CORE broker Kirk Rundhaug had a theory as to why it wasn't selling, and it wasn't the $7,103/month maintenance fee: it was the apartment's bad vibes! Rundhaug called in his "energy guy," Reggie, who gave the apartment (above) a thorough cleansing with incense and yellow flowers. Did it work? Not yet, but there's still time!

The place has been PriceChopping since the Selling New York season ended, first to $4.995 million and now to an even $4.5 million. Relatively minor chops, but maybe it's just the nudge the energy guy's work needs to shine? These days, it doesn't take much to make 50 Gramercy Park North look good.
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50 Gramercy Park North

50 Gramercy Park North, New York, NY 10010

50 Gramercy Park North

50 Gramercy Park North, New York, NY