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Terminal 3 Fans Say Their Last Words While Delta Plans for JFK

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We took a look last week at what the team at SOM has planned for Delta's Terminal 4 at Kennedy International Airport, which will require knocking down Terminal 3, the former Pan AM Worldport. Turns out the future Terminal 4 rendering (above left) is only the near future version?Archpaper now has a slightly more distant future rendering that contains 46 gates, not just Delta's nine new gates planned for the terminal in 2015. But of course, not everyone's thrilled about the wrecking ball's current trajectory toward Terminal 3.
One person who isn't a fan of the new plan is Hal Hayes, who was lead planner at SOM back when it designed the existing Terminal 4. Hayes is a big supporter of Terminal 3, going so far as to say it's better than I.M. Pei's Terminal 6. Ruh-roh! Pei's terminal is, over preservationist objections, also headed for demolition, but Hayes has no worries about kicking a starchitect-designed airport terminal while it's down. Pei's design "is a pretty corporate box, but it could be anywhere." Terminal 3, on the other hand, "is really the place that established the paradigm for airport architecture." A paradigm that we will soon just have to remember in photos.
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