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Homeless Shelter-Turned-Gay Hotel Will Make You Dizzy

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The slow reveal of The Out NYC?the former homeless shelter and budget hotel at 510 West 42nd Street that will become the city's first gay boutique hotel when it opens next year?continues with the Times' latest look at the plans. We've already heard about some of the amenities, which the developers hope will attract locals: the 127-room hotel will have a 14,000-square-foot XL Dance Bar in the building's former parking garage, with room for 750 people, plus restaurants and bars, stores, a spa, and a reception hall. So what's new? The Times drops in a few details about the interiors: "The complex’s design will be punctuated by details like undulating hallways inspired by the sculptor Richard Serra and functional spaces that wrap around three glassed-in courtyards." Seven hundred-plus people drinking and dancing through a building inspired by Richard Serra? We predict a spike in usage of the "oops, wrong room" excuse.
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