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'Hoods Start to Love, Hate Babies Right on Schedule

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Every up-and-coming residential neighborhood has its stages of development, including, as we learn from baby boom poster child Park Slope, loving and hating the little ones. And today two 'hoods that have gone through the transition to more residential development in recent years speak up with their feelings about babies. First up, Long Island City, which is becoming baby crazy, the Post writes, right on schedule with the arrival on the market of comparatively inexpensive new development condos and snazzy playgrounds. Why LIC over Williamsburg, Dumbo, or the UWS? "Neither one of us has body tattoos or random piercings," explained one parent and LIC newbie. Ah, but the kid'll be a teenager soon enough!

Back in Manhattan, though, some FiDi residents tell the Observer they're totally over the 'hood's baby-obsessed reputation. 2 Gold, 200 Water, and 85 John are a few of the FiDi fortresses of the childless. Better watch out?there are some babies out there who could probably handle 200 Water's rooftop shower.
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