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Buyer Takes Half of Scandalous Time Warner Center Condo

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The 8,000-square-foot spread above will now be consigned to our archive of floorplans that could have been. The imaginary combo condo in the Time Warner Center was listed at the beginning of the year for $57.5 million, $4.1 million more than the combined prices of the two individual 74th and 75th floor units. A daring move, but the two apartments did have a few things in common. Like a few skeletons in the closets. One was owned by Steven Fedler, who allegedly made his money off of calls to Miss Cleo, and the other belonged to Douglas Von Allmen, a venture capitalist scammed by mini-Madoff Scott Rothstein. The combo is not to be, because, as you can probably guess by our boldface, Von Allmen's unit has found a buyer. The Post's Jennifer Gould Keil pegs the final sales price at about $15.7 million, a short drop from the most recent ask of $15.95 but a steeper one from the original $18.45 million price. The buyer? An "unnamed Russian tycoon."

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