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Ultra-Hip Standard Hotel Getting Surrounded by Cubicles

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Celebrity party planner and floral designer Robert Isabell died before realizing his dream of developing the old Meatpacking District building at 837 Washington Street into something...else. His plans were never quite clear, but now that his lenders, Taconic Investment Partners and Square Mile Capital, have possession of the property, the course is set. The Observer's Eliot Brown noticed a permit filed for an enlargement of the building that would bring it up to 100' high. The plan is still in the early stages, but Brown hears it's going to be a combination of retail and office space with a glass and steel skin designed by architect Morris Adjmi (it's in a landmarked district, too, so the LPC would need to sign off on a design).

This is not to be confused with the other glassy retail/office building near the Standard Hotel designed by Morris Adjmi, or the other other glassy retail/office building near the Standard Hotel not designed by Morris Adjmi. Is corporate culture really taking over MePa this suddenly, or will all these turn out to be top secret speakeasies in disguise?
· New Commercial Building Slated to Rise Across From the Standard [NYO]

837 Washington Street

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