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Long Island City's Man of Steel Unveiled, Instantly Popular

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

New Jackson Avenue condo building East of East once caught our eye thanks to some PG-13 renderings. It's safe to say the building will no longer have to rely on such gimmicks to get noticed. Late last week the ribbon was cut and the curtain dropped on the 13-unit building's Cor-Ten steel facade, designed by RSVP Studio. Developers and dignitaries were on hand for the unveiling, which included a donation to a local arts group (East of East is across the street from P.S. 1 and has embraced an artsy vibe) and the announcement that 25% of the building is already in contract. Pretty surprising given the amount of construction still left to do on this loft-inspired building, meant to echo the neighborhood's industrial past. Is East of East taking charge as the leader of LIC's Three Condoteers? Have a look around the unfinished product and weigh in.
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13-14 Jackson Avenue

13-14 Jackson Avenue, Queens, NY

East of East

13-14 Jackson Avenue, Queens, NY