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Fifth Avenue Duplex Chops 40 Percent Off 2008 Price

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Even if a listing doesn't explicitly invite prospective buyers to bring their architects, the inclusion of an "alternative" floorplan is usually a pretty good indication that a place isn't quite move-in ready. Which might explain the pricing situation at 857 Fifth Avenue, where the maisonette duplex has been on and off the market since mid-2008. In the pre-Lehman collapse days, the 3BR, 3.5BA co-op was asking $8 million?not necessarily a shocking price when the words "private garden on Fifth Avenue" are involved. But the property came off the market post-Lehman, and when it reappeared earlier this year, it was asking only $5 million. Now that's down to $4.875M, 39 percent off the 2008 price. Bets on the final sales price?

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