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Courtney Sale Ross Buys Yet Another Pricey Apartment

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Courtney Sale Ross, widow of Time Warner creator Steve Ross, doesn't exactly have a shortage of Manhattan apartments to choose from, but when has that ever stopped anyone from buying more? It certainly hasn't stopped Ross, who just purchased a $7.3 million loft at Tribeca's 7 Hubert Street from healthy beverage honcho Lance Collins, the Post reports. Ross is the owner of a massive 740 Park Avenue duplex?created out of one 14-room and one 18-room apartment?which she quietly put on the market for more than $60 million in late 2008, and she also purchased a $7.2 million Soho penthouse in 2007. Plus, a tipster tells us she's already the owner of another unit in 7 Hubert. All of which makes the floorplan for her newest pad, #8A, seem, well, a little puny.

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740 Park Ave

740 Park Avenue, New York, NY

7 Hubert Street

7 Hubert Street, New York, NY 10013