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Astoria Sales Update; Maintenance Blues in Beekman Co-op

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ASTORIA?Astoria's Piano Factory condos went rental, so what in the neighborhood is actually selling? According to reps for the building, the 36-unit Plaza 21 at 23-01 21st Avenue is half sold. Maybe Queens buyers hate classical music? Plaza 21 also has that new Astoria look that's so, uh, popular these days. Prices start at $312k and units range from 520-square-footers to two-bedrooms checking in at 1,129sqft. [CurbedWire Inbox]

BEEKMAN?We rarely dust off the Beekman neighborhood name but we'll do it for 420 East 51st Street, aka the Morad Beekman. A tipster writes of the 15-story post-war co-op: "The maintenance at the building recently went up 53%! It is a land-lease building and was always difficult to sell, but now it seems like it will be impossible to sell. Plus, they don't allow weekend open houses. The tenants are trying to sue (whom?) but good luck." A StreetEasy commenter recently noted that the maintenance on a penthouse went from $3,924 per month to $6,017 per month. Not quite 53%, but yikes. [CurbedWire Inbox]