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Italian Architect Still Can't Get Rid of Her Plaza Condo

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Italian architect Teresa Sapey paid just over $7 million for unit #1313 at The Plaza in 2007. Joining the many fellow Plaza buyers whose happiness didn't last beyond the honeymoon, She tried to resell the place in early '08 for nearly $10 million. Then for $9.8 million, then $8.75 million, then $7.5 million. At that point, the listing broker told the Observer, she could go no lower: "$7.5 million is literally her bottom line. It's what her advisers in Europe have asked her to list it at." But in a move that shouldn't be surprising from a woman who made her architectural breakthrough designing a parking lot, Sapey's gone rogue! She's now listing the apartment for only $5.95 million. So any buyers looking to make an offer may have to deal with some seriously displeased European advisers.

· 1 Central Park South #1313 [StreetEasy]

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