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Live Like a Rock Star (or Meet One) in $3.8M Chelsea Loft

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Nothing to see here: the second floor of 148 West 24th Street is just your average art-heavy 5,000-square-foot Chelsea loft with two recording studios that have produced remixes for Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, Usher, etc. And like any good recording studio, this one comes with a reception area, entertainment lounge, guest quarters (stuffed animal provided!), and washer-dryer. It looks like the previous purchaser, DJ and producer Jonathan Peters, picked the place up for $591,666 in 2004. He now wants $3.8 million for it, but hey, a few platinum albums should pay that mortgage off fast.
· Listing: 148 West 24th Street [Keller Williams]
· 148 West 24th Street #2A [StreetEasy]

148 West 24th Street

148 West 24th Street, New York, NY