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Free Parking Comes With a Price in Carroll Gardens: Angry Stares!

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To have a yard in the big city is to own one of life's great treasures, and yet there are those out there?let's call them Carroll Gardens residents?who defile these prized possessions. Some of the neighborhood's signature front yards have been paved over and turned into parking over the years, outraging civic groups and, we assume, Joni Mitchell. Now the city is cracking down on one block, Fourth Place between Smith and Court Streets, which according to one neighbor, "looks like a trailer park." C'mon, those SUVs aren't that roomy!

Zoning states that the yards are technically part of the street and therefore owned by the city, which has ruled that parking is not permitted and the curb cuts are illegal. Some locals are hoping to step up enforcement of the law so that other blocks don't meet the same paved-over fate. After all, the neighborhood has "Gardens" in its gentrification-friendly manufactured name for a reason. It's not clear what the penalties will be, but making violators read through the entire parking and curb cuts administrative code might be punishment enough.
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