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Party Won't Stop at Empty Williamsburg Condo Building

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An all-night dance party in the garden area of formerly stalled Williamsburg condo building 66 North 1st Street (aka Rocket Factory Lofts) got neighbors all worked up earlier this month. The mysterious rave faded from memory like a bad drum-n-bass track, but a tipster wrote in over the weekend saying that some "gentlemen" (we're subbing in a kinder word) threw another party late into Friday night/Saturday morning, only "this time, instead of outside in the 'garden,' they decided it would be nice to party in EVERY condo in the building." A New York Shitty tipster adds more pertinent details, such as the disappointing lack of feather boas this time around, and that one party-goer thought he was in Dumbo. Whatever that guy was on, please send some our way.
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Factory Lofts

66 North 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY