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Astoria's Piano Factory Condos Now Tuned to a New Key

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Photo by Will Femia

Astoria's landmark Sohmer Piano Factory generated a lot of excitement when it decided to return to the stage as a condo conversion. But the 1887 building spent only a few months on the market, with one unit going into contract, before the listings were pulled. You do hate to see that. But now, a tipster tells us, the building is back?as a rental, according to signs up at the 31-01 Vernon Boulevard site. No details on pricing, nor on whether the promised pet spa is still happening. Will any ivory-ticklers come along to put the place out of its misery?

For potential Piano Factory fans, a reminder of what its exterior looks like:

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31-01 Vernon Boulevard

31-01 Vernon Boulevard, Queens, NY 11106

Sohmer Piano Factory

31-01 Vernon Boulevard, Queens, NY