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Columbus Square Developers Invite Old Folks' Dorm to UWS

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The Chetrit Group and Stellar Management, the development team that brought the Upper Upper West Side bigger-is-better rentals, is taking another swing through the neighborhood. But this time, they won't be leaving goji berries and makeup in their wake. Instead, they're planning a land-swap deal with Jewish Home Lifecare, taking the nursing home operator's large facility on West 106th Street (right) for an as yet unrevealed purpose, the Journal explains. In exchange, Jewish Home will get a smaller site on which to build a $250 million, 24-story old folks' dorm on West 100th Street. But first, the nursing home has to deal with unhappy neighbors who are upset about the size of the project and worried that noise from the nearby police station and fire house will bother the elderly. So selfless! But why worry? The residents will probably just spend all day at the playground anyway.
· Upper Manhattan Nursing-Home Plan Sets Off Protests [WSJ]