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The Daily News did an entertaining interview with creator Dave Maundrell, who took us on a trip down memory lane talking about the drastic changes his old neighborhood has seen throughout his lifetime living, working, and brokering there. According to Dave, back in the good ol' days the waterfront was just another spot for devil worshipers looking for a nice place to sacrifice some animals. In his own words, "Devil worshipers decapitated animals in these weird sacrifices. In the daytime, we would check out the remains. The place was eerie. Totally dead." That kind of environment must explain his tough 'tude, as shown by his comments towards the arrival of hotshot firms moving in on his turf, saying "If Corcoran and Elliman want to come here and open up, like they did, I say bring it. They can never know this neighborhood like us." Sounds like fightin' words to us.

Dave's a spry 36 years old, so he's got time to extend his vision way past North Brooklyn should he risk it. What's he got in mind? "I want to do something big, take this national. Miami, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Philly. We can do this anywhere they have big spaces and cool real estate. I’m a worker. We’ll make it happen."

· The Williamsburg Kid: Dave Maundrell's takes his own neighborhood by storm [Daily News]