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$1,000/Square Foot Sales Continue at FiDi's District

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Once known as FiDi's king of bling and the home of partying models, Fulton Street's District has more recently been known for the Chipotle downstairs and the buyers who used a lawsuit to back out of their condo purchases. Not exactly the kind of transformation we wanted to see from the building where amenity overdrive was born. What probably makes that transformation okay for some people, namely the buyers: large discounts on condos. Since our last sales check-in late last year, a number of units have closed, and their final prices are still hovering around 20 percent off their asks. The highest of the recent discounts is 25 percent on PH109. It closed for $969,374, or only $1,044/square foot, from an original asking price of $1.295 million. And that was far from an isolated event.

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