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Chelsea Penthouse's Pricing Roller Coaster Revved Up

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Gaudy numbers and photos of staircases can only take a penthouse so far. And so we salute CORE brokers Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes, who have inherited the listing for the epic triplex (6,000sqft inside, 7,000sqft outside) at Chelsea's 213 West 23rd Street and?for the time being?have done away with all those interior pictures in favor of the graphic seen above, which looks like Industrial Light & Magic consulted on the CGI. What better way to show off the place's appeal and justify the new $10 million price tag? That's up from the previous ask of $8.995 million, but this apartment?which last sold in 2007 for $7.6 million?was once going for as much as $15 million, making this a rare PriceChopper/PriceUpper two-fer.

Surely such a property deserves its own name, and it's got one! Meet the newly christened Chelsea Skyhouse, not to be confused with the nearby Sky House. As for the fanciful rendering, the old listing mentions a "meditation garden complete with koi pond," so the vision may have been actually carried out. Anybody seen the place in the real world?
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