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Don Draper Lives Dangerously Close to Comely Undergrads

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TV's suavest alcoholic sent Greenwich Village hearts into a flutter when his post-divorce bachelor pad's location was revealed as being in the vicinity of Waverly Place and Sixth Avenue. That was during the season premiere of the '60s-set Mad Men, and given the show's maniacal obsession with making sure even the tiniest details are era appropriate, speculation on the exact whereabouts of Don Draper's apartment has been a fun pastime ever since. Now, thanks to the most recent episode and the equally maniacal obsession of Mad Men fans (and the power of freeze-framing!), we can say with confidence that while Don Draper may not be real, his address certainly is.

Draper's suit collection is hanging in 104 Waverly Place, described by the Times in 2006 under its alternate 29 Washington Square West address as an elegant "co-op building that contains some of the few old-fashioned Park-Avenue-style 'Classic Six' units to be found downtown." Oh, that Don. Even when he's slumming it in Bohemia, he's chasing the blue-blood lifestyle. The building is in the heart of NYU's campus, and according to construction permits and property records the school owns parts of 104 Waverly. That means we only need the show to continue for about 45 more seasons until we'll find our anti-hero's octogenarian face in this happy crowd.
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