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Liam Neeson Ditches Central Park West Apartment for $1.35M

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One perk to being Liam Neeson: when you put your 91 Central Park West co-op on the market, that apartment doesn't sit around. Neeson unloaded his 2BR, 2BA after only five days on the market in a deal that closed yesterday, the Observer reported. Neeson sold the place for $1.352 million, only a smidge under the $1.375 million asking price. Sadly, the original listing is already offline, and there's no floorplan or square footage on the apartment's StreetEasy page. UPDATE: A tipster who's seen the apartment describes it as "very dark. virtually every window looked right into another wall." And happily for our floorplan-obsessed hearts, the layout is the same as that of apartment 6E upstairs.

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91 Central Park West

91 Central Park West, New York, NY 10023