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Battle of the 15 Penn Plaza Statements; UWS's New Lyrics

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UPPER WEST SIDE?Related has a message for folks living the high life around its Lyric building on Broadway and 94th Street: Care to give us a try? The audience may be limited, but this new sign still managed to draw the ire of one Curbed tipster: "Not sure whether hanging a two-story 'Rentals Available' sign from the side of the Lyric on Broadway at 94th is legal or not, but it sure smacks of desperation." Harsh! The Lyric website doesn't show many availabilities. [CurbedWire Inbox]

MIDTOWN?The slapfight over 15 Penn Plaza is pretty much settled, and both sets of warring developers?Vornado and Empire State Building owners Malkin Holdings?have released statements. Nasty name-calling? Sadly, no.

Here's what Anthony Malkin had to say: "As the current stewards of the Empire State Building, the most iconic image on the skyline of New York, we thought that 15 Penn Plaza was too close to the Empire State Building for its height and design. In polls, the public has spoken out 2:1 to reject or amend the project. We advocated amendment. We are pro-development and think this area represents a great opportunity for development. The City Council is the decision maker on this subject. They have gone out of their way to listen to our position. In the end, they are the elected representatives of the City of New York, and it was up to them to decide."

How nice of them to respect the rule of democracy! Vornado's statement is even more calm: "We wish to acknowledge the efforts of the City Council, the City Planning Commission, the Borough President and all those connected with the approval of our project, which we believe will be an outstanding addition to New York's iconic skyline. We look forward to working with the Council to implement strong minority and women participation in the development and construction of 15 Penn Plaza." Not even an IN YOUR FACE? Disappointing. [CurbedWire Inbox]

15 Penn Plaza

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