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Midtown Skyline Hogger Wins Key Votes

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A pair of City Council committees gave the go-ahead to Vornado's 15 Penn Plaza skyscraper today, paving the way for an approval by the full Council and sticking it to those who dare anger the spirit of Mother Teresa. In the end neither vote was close, and there was barely any talk about the 1,200-foot tower's impact on the Empire State Building's postcard sales. In fact, the real debate centered around Vornado's plan?or lack thereof?of ensuring the involvement of women- and minority-owned enterprises in the project, the Archpaper reports.

The City Planning Commission already approved the office tower, and Mayor Bloomberg pretty much announced his intention to do the same, so it looks like the Hotel Pennsylvania's days are numbered. Then again, Vornado has said it won't tear down the once glorious Hotel Pennsylvania and build 15 Penn Plaza until an anchor tenant signs up, so the pisspot's stay on death row might be a long one.
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15 Penn Plaza

401 7th Avenue, New York, NY