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Centre Street's UFO Approaches PriceChopper Hall of Fame

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Thanks to Charles Gwathmey, who designed its neighbor, apartment #6N is the neglected stepchild in 240 Centre Street. And not just by us?the place has been on the market, with only short breaks, since March 2008. We'd welcome the Chopper's company in that situation, too. The apartment, which was originally $7 million, is now asking only $3.585 million. But it's been a long and brutal road to this price, with 10 chops (and a few PriceUppers mixed in) for a total of 48 percent off the unit's original ask. The apartment that a Curbed tipster once compared to a UFO is now getting dangerously close to the PriceChopper Hall of Fame, which may mean it's time for the aliens to call this one home.
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240 Centre St

240 Centre Street, Manhattan, NY 10012

240 Centre Street

240 Centre Street, New York, NY