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Another Art Deco FiDi Building Slowly Going Condo

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Hey, old FiDi office buildings, if all of your friends went condo, would you? Apparently so! Right on the heels of office-to-condo conversion announcements for 70 Pine Street, 1 Wall Street, and even troubled developer Kent Swig's 140 William Street, the Post's Lois Weiss reports that 116 John Street might be next to go condo. Eventually.

The 35-story, 350,000-square-foot office building (right, via PropertyShark), which takes up an entire block, is only half empty, and its remaining tenants will be clearing out in stages over the next few years. That means the condo conversion?a joint venture between Metro Loft Management and Hacienda International Realty?will happen gradually over that time, which maybe isn't such a bad thing for a market slowly trying to recover its footing. And the developers will need a little extra time to come up with a standout amenity, since bowling alley and lasers are already taken.
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