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$1,000 Charge for Lobby Damages Irks New Dumboite

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All the excitement that comes with moving into a new apartment was soured for this Curbed reader, who writes that her Dumbo building pocketed a security deposit without explaining how the damage was done. Help her out!

A month ago my boyfriend and I moved into a condo building in Dumbo. We were told that we needed to supply a $1,000 security deposit in case we damaged the lobby during our move. We balked at the amount but everyone told us that this is normal and that checks get ripped up after you move in. The move went well, and as far as we, the doorman and the super knew, there was no damage. This morning I noticed that my $1,000 check was deposited. I left messages for the management company and got in touch with the super. The super told me that some board members noticed something (when pressed for what the something was he told me he’d have to show me. Not sure if it’s a scratch or something worse). I’m very uncomfortable about assuming responsibility for damage without having been told about it as soon as it was noticed. How do I know we did it? Is the board legally obligated to prove that our movers damaged their property? There are cameras in the lobby. And, shouldn’t they be obligated to show us an estimate for the work done? What if the repairs cost less than $1,000? I’m curious of my rights in this situation.There goes the fresh start! Legal eagles, armchair esquires and those with experience in such matters, care to chime in?
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