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Say Hello to Williamsburg's Palazzo Yucky

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Strange things are often uncovered while strolling the side streets of Williamsburg, as this Curbed tipster just found out:

Walked past this place on Leonard and Conselyea in the Eye-talian part of the Burg and immediately thought of Curbed. [Ed. note?Uh, we're flattered?] Sorry the pics are almost as bad as this faux palazzo, which made me wretch even if it does go pretty well with the area's vinyl siding and the mobster steakhouse across the street. To be fair, neighborhood context was shattered when this crazy thing popped up at the same intersection. Care for another look?

We've been staring at these pictures so long that we're now kind of into it. Someone set us straight, or at least give us some intel on this faux-lazzo.