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Carnegie Hill House Has a Private Pool of PriceChopper Pain

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Developer Aby Rosen paid only $8.8 million for 3 East 94th Street back in 2005, then spruced it up with a wine cellar, a pool, and another $20.7 million added on to the list price. But, since its first PriceChop this spring, the asking price has been on a dive so steep we wouldn't be surprised to see it make the Olympic team. Despite some alleged high-profile Hollywood interest, it's now asking only $19.9 million, a price that doesn't seem like such a shocker for the Upper East Side. At this point, we're guessing a move 10 blocks south might do more for the place than $10 million off. Meanwhile, Rosen's mansion at 22 East 71st Street is off the market entirely, the Observer reports. If it's found a buyer, Rosen's next swim in his private pool uptown will probably be a lot more relaxing.
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