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In-N-Out Architect Designs in Sagg; Artist's Auction Extended

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The latest headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End...

1) Architect R. Scott Bromley, designer of Studio 54 and Philip Johnson protege, built an East Hampton beach house in 1965. The place was resold in 2005 to a media exec, who spent about $1 million on renovations. He likes them, but know who doesn't? Bromley, who says the buyer "really bastardized" his design. Remind us never to renovate that guy's work.

2) A newly-listed $4.7 million home in the troubled Houses at Sagaponac development was designed by In-N-Out Burger architect Stephen Kanner. The house is built on a two-foot platform and has a sculptural staircase winding around the fireplace of the two-story living room. Sadly, In-N-Out burgers still only sold separately.

3) There's still one day left to place a bid on artist Setsuo Ito's Water Mill estate, after a third auction date was added. The place was once listed for $30 million and now has no minimum bid. Bargain or blockbuster?

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