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Astoria's Steinway Mansion Cares for Billiards in the Pub

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A 5BR, 4.5BA mansion at 18-33 41st Street in Astoria certainly sounds like a puzzler to price. And so it has proven to be: it was first on the market in mid '09 for $5 million, then dropped to $2.5 million, then back up to $4.9 million until March. After a few months off, it's now back on the market, asking $4.5 million. It was built in 1858, but it doesn't sound like an old fogey: it's got goodies like a billiard room, pub, jacuzzi, and sauna. Early in its life, the house was owned by the Steinway family (which also had a piano factory on the now-chopped up grounds). Since there's no music room, the pub must be where they do the singalongs.

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Steinway Mansion

18-33 41st St, Astoria, NY 11105