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The Future is Now at Transformed Greenwich Village Loft

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Architect Ben van Berkel's UNStudio firm was denied bringing its Dutch brand of craziness to Tribeca when its Five Franklin Place condo building was shelved, but one anonymous Greenwich Village art collector enlisted the firm to create a personal playground straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. This loft, exact location unknown, has been turned into a gallery/living space with unusual touches like curved walls, floating exhibition spaces and a ceiling backlit by 18,000 LEDs. The three-year renovation has wrapped up, and the finished product now appears on the UNStudio website. Design blog Dezeen covered it today, so head on over there to read up on all the archibabble.

UPDATE: The Manhattan Loft Guy tracked down the apartment, because, well, he's the Manhattan Loft Guy. Using the sales price data ($4.6 million) and the old listing details, it looks like this spaceship is docked at 12 East 12th Street.
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