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Secrets of the Village's Amazing Treehouse Revealed!

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In a city where close confines leave little to mystery, the sudden appearance of a big super-awesome treehouse in a backyard off lower Fifth Avenue slapped us upside the head like a Naomi Campbell temper tantrum. We didn't know anything about treehouse's origin?just its simple circular existence was enough for us?but today the Wall Street Journal gets to the bottom of the mystery.

The treehouse has actually been up since 2006, a year after artist Melinda Hackett moved into the townhouse on 12th Street. Her three daughters use it as a clubhouse, and the hideaway was designed by Hamptons-based treehouse specialist Nick Cohen. Not every neighbor was thrilled with this creative expression of childlike whimsy:

When it was finally erected, she added, one of her neighbors complained. "She didn't love that I moved in here with two dogs and three kids," Ms. Hackett said, sitting on stools in the treehouse itself.

"The police and the firemen came, and there wasn't a permit anywhere. So I went with an architect, who's a ninja of the city planning system, and he got it dismissed and landmarked."

The treehouse has its own ninja! No wonder the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation stayed quiet on the matter.
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Photo via Guest of a Guest