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For the Far West Side, A Boom (And Some Failures)

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The Times did a lengthy piece on the far west side extending from 33rd street to 43rd between 10th avenue all the way west. It's hard to call this part of town a "neighborhood", but with the arrival of mammoth developments like the Silver Towers and the Atelier on 42nd street, there has been a population boom around here. It wasn't always so happening though, a former local garage owner's charming description is “all you had was prostitutes, pimps, more prostitutes, more pimps, drug dealing like you’ve never seen before. It was a horrible place to be" back in the 1970's. Though it's changed a lot from those days, it's still not impervious to post-recession fallout. Some failures in the area include "A tower planned for the eastern end of the Moinian Group’s property on 42nd Street, next to the Atelier by 11th Avenue, has not materialized; the site has received numerous citations from city authorities for standing water. And nearby branches of a Crunch gym and Starbucks recently closed."

So what's the pricing looking like in an area where you can't even get a Frappuccino? "Prices at the other new buildings in the area are similar, starting around $2,100 for studios, $3,000 for one-bedroom apartments, and $4,000 for two-bedrooms. At the Atelier, one-bedroom condos sell for $650,000 to $1 million, and two-bedrooms are $1.2 million to $1.5 million."

What do you guys think, would you drop this kind of cash to call the far west side home?

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