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New Midtown Hotel Can't Ease Our Planet Hollywood Pain

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Steve Cuozzo dropped some bombshell revelations in his Post column today, including Planet Hollywood pulling up the stakes on its Times Square location (we'll just have to point tour groups to Red Lobster now). The Cuozz also provides a little hope for a forlorn square block of Midtown that knows the pain of the credit crunch all too well. That big glassy skyscraper at 250 West 55th Street still isn't happening, but at 237 West 54th Street, developer Joseph Moinian is looking for partners to turn a vacant five-story building he owns into a 400-room boutique hotel. We hate to see a nice arched facade wind up as rubble, but David Letterman could always use a new place near the office to bring his mistresses.
· Moinian eyes hotel partner [NYP]