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Brokers Dumped by Developers Finally Show Their Claws

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At a time when buyers aren't exactly rushing to buy pricey condos, brokers getting dumped for other brokers is nothing new. What is new: some of the catty comments the rejected brokers now feel free to make to the Times. Take Corcoran's Carrie Chiang, who was dumped from a $35.5 million listing at the former Stanhope Hotel, and who doesn't hesitate to criticize Extell, the developer that dumped her: "The apartment wasn't ready. It was in shambles." And then there's the Upper East Side's Lux 74, where developer Josh Guberman hired Corcoran and Core, then dumped each in succession in favor of a third broker, because "matching the right broker to the right product is the single most important decision any homeowner or developer can make." That third broker had to sell the buidling's last apartment, an $8 million townhouse with a pool. Sound familiar? That's because the buyer was money manager and celeb scammer Kenneth Starr, who really liked the coat closet.
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