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Developer Plans to Serve Up Condos at Old Tennis Stadium

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There were mutterings in July that Forest Hills' famed West Side Tennis Club stadium, no longer used by the club, might be hitting the market. There was even a rumor that the stadium might be torn down to make way for housing. Both rumors are true! The Journal reports that Cord Meyer Development Co. has come forward hoping to buy the stadium site for up to $9 million. What's in store for the stadium after that could be some serious adaptive reuse awesomeness: Cord Meyer plans to build residential units within the existing stadium structure, keeping the arches and facade. No renderings or plans yet, but an architect is slated to present a model to the community next week. Cord Meyer tells the Journal the project's goal is "preserving history, providing for the future. Think Rome and the coliseums." Can we get some gladiator fights in the lobby?
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