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Tiger Woods Moves to Downtown Manhattan Mystery Building

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During the messy breakup of his marriage, Tiger Woods wasn't the most open guy. He wasn't big into inviting the press over for Pictionary before his sex scandal, either, hence the Florida gated community compound thing. But now the world's best golfer has picked the media capital of the world to settle into life as a single guy, Us reports. There are scant details. The gossips report Woods "moved into a new apartment in downtown Manhattan over the weekend" (he was in town for a tournament in New Jersey) and a witness saw the 34-year-old "introducing himself as the new neighbor." We're going to guess that an introduction probably wasn't needed.

So where the heck is Tiger's lair? Initial reaction/wild speculation: He's renting, given the speed of the deal and the lack of any leaked details, and probably in a neighborhood already loaded with celebrities, such as Tribeca or the West Village. And we all know the guy needs his privacy. Maybe the star-studded Superior Ink, with its residents-only indoor parking garage? Better guesses welcomed in the comments.
· Tiger Woods Moves Into NYC Bachelor Pad Post-Divorce [US]

UPDATE: CNBC sports business reporter Darren Rovell tweets that the Tiger story is not true. We can't handle this emotional roller coaster!