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Public Advocate Takes on Slumlords With New Website

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New York City's worst landlords haven't been having a great month. First the law made them reveal their true identities. Now the office of Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is coming for them with a new website and searchable/sortable NYC slumlord watch list. Unlike similar city lists, this one uses the power of Google Maps to show the neighborhoods with the highest slumlord concentrations. And what it lacks in slumlord gross-out stories, the Daily News makes up for with a few colorful rat-in-toilet anecdotes from tenants of Bronx slumlord Alan Fein. According to a press release from the public advocate's office, de Blasio will be taking one Chinatown slumlord to task with a press conference outside his 197 Madison Street building today. We're guessing no one's gonna make the place look nice for his arrival.
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