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Manhattan's High-End Market Starts the Fall Sales Party Early

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Friday was another slow summer day, but nobody told the high end of the real estate market, which has already given up wearing white and skipping out of work early at the end of the week. A bunch of pricey Manhattan property closings from the past month hit public record on Friday afternoon and early this morning, and we dug through ACRIS to put together a list of what's sold and find out whether the end-of-summer sales are any good.

1) 101 Warren Street #3460: A 4BR, 4.5BA duplex penthouse at Tribeca's 101 Warren Street, sold for $13,237,250, down from a peak listing price of $16,350,000. Don't buyers know they're supposed to save the eight-figure real estate purchases for after Labor Day?
2) 385 West 12th Street #TH2: At FLAnk's coppery West Village project, this townhouse was listed for $7.495 million last year and closed for $6,860,000 to an LLC.

3) 221 East 61st Street: This 5BR, 4BA, two half-bathroom, five-fireplace townhouse closed for $5.5 million, down from its original 2006 asking price of $8.45 million.

4) 205 West 76th Street #504: A small discount on this unit at Robert A.M. Stern-designed The Harrison: the place closed for $4,171,320 after being listed for $4.675M.

5) 1 River Terrace #11R: We've got a long-standing curiosity about the PriceChopper's visits to Riverhouse, and this apartment does seem to have been a victim. The price started at $3.195M in '06, went up to $3.47M last year, and was chopped back to $3.125M earlier this summer. The final sale price: $3,054,750.

6) 151 West 17th Street #6A: This apartment (above) sold for $2.075 in 2005 and came back on the market this year at a relatively small markup of $2.495M. One chop later, it sold for $2,250,000.

7) 400 East 51st Street #3E: This property hit the market as part of a divorce auction with a starting bid of $1.3 million. The apartment and its 72 Swarovski crystal doorknobs ultimately went for $2,077,739.

101 Warren Street

101 Warren St, New York, NY 10013

151 West 17th Street

151 West 17th Street, New York, NY