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New Hudson Square Hotel's Secret Weapon Against Trump: The Sun!

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Think Trump Soho has a hold on the Holland Tunnel hotel scene? Not if the sun has a say in the matter! The empty development lot at 100 Varick Street, hidden by a row of trees between Broome and Watts Streets in the West Soho region we love to call Hudson Square, is primed for its transformation into a new solar-powered hotel. The site was once touted as a 10-story condo project, but has been sitting forlorn since late 2007 when a Federal-era house sitting at 66 Watts Street since 1830 was annihilated in the name of progress. More recently the lot had an "Available Immediately" sign but there were no takers and only the rubble remained. Now it looks like the sun is finally ready to rise on Varick.

Developer Charles Fridman of Shalimar Management and Morali Architects (formerly MStudio) have the permits in order, both for the new building and excavation for foundation work. The plan announced last year called for 26 stories, but records shows it's been cut back to 20 floors with a pool at the second and 202 rooms rising above.

When complete this solar stack of suites will join a slew of hotels that have gone up in this area over the past few years, including the aforementioned Trump Soho, the soon-to-open James New York on Grand Street and a couple of Poons erected to the north and the east. And how can we forget the new Gene Kaufman specials, one on Charlton and the other on Canal? No really, tell us how we can forget them. There's also the stalled Viceroy a few blocks north, which is looking like it's going to be the latest to arrive to the tourist party down in Hudson Square.
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100 Varick Street

100 Varick Street, New York , Ny

100 Varick Street, New York, NY