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Another Former Forward Building to Go Condo in Midtown

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Is there something about the smell of newsprint that just says condos? Maybe! Because following the conversion of 173 East Broadway, the former home of the Jewish Daily Forward, The Real Deal reports that another old Forward office space, 45 East 33rd Street, is going condo. (For developers looking to get ahead of the curve, the newspaper's current offices are in FiDi.) BCN Development is in contract to buy the building for around $20 million, with construction to start early next year. BCN envisions a total of 108 units, but unlike the LES's Forward Building, here most of those units will be added on top of the existing six-story structure, for a total of 18 stories. The developer tells us pricing will start at $500,000 for studios, and while we don't yet have specifics about the planned luxury amenities, we're guessing local skyline purists aren't the conversion's target audience.
· Old Forward newspaper building selling for $20M, to become condo [Real Deal]

Forward Building

175 East Broadway, New York, NY 10002