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Big 'Burg Building Lands Financing, Promises Rations

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If the Williamsburg waterfront doesn't get a grocery store soon, the Air Force is going to have start dropping MREs by helicopter. Despite a number of rumors over the years, big new developments like Northside Piers, Edge and 184 Kent have so far failed to lure a supermarket to the formerly industrial area, and with Domino on the way, well, let's just say we recently caught Alive on cable, and we don't want to see a sequel anytime soon. Enter 11 Broadway, a resuscitated stalled project in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge that is openly courting a grocery story (the retail listing is still up on LoopNet). The latest: It looks like the building is actually happening! L+M Development Partners closed this week on a whole bunch of NMTC financing to get this show on the road. When complete, 11 Broadway will have 160 mixed-income rental units and 35,000 square feet of retail, grocery store included. Probably. Maybe. Eh, who knows.
· Big Williamsburg Building Loses its Head but Survives! [Curbed]

11 Broadway

11 Broadway, Brooklyn, PA 11211