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Katharine Hepburn's Turtle Bay House for Rent at $27.5K/Month

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Katharine Hepburn spent more than 60 years living at 244 East 49th Street (the nearby intersection of Second Avenue and East 49th Street was renamed "Katharine Hepburn Place" in 2003). That house?one of the row that makes up Turtle Bay Gardens, named for the connecting gardens behind them?is now on the rental market for $27,500/month, The Real Deal reports. (It was asking $30,000/month last year and as much as $39,500 in 2007.) The place has been completely redone since Hepburn lived there, but the mirrored dressing room "retains the glitter," and the house is decorated with Hepburn photos and watercolors.

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244 East 49th Street

244 East 49th Street, New York, NY 10017