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Duplex Carved Out of Williamsburg Townhouse Asks $1.5 Million

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Who knows what lurks behind the netting of Williamsburg construction projects? In the case of 95 Havemeyer Street, we do. This brownstone is getting a new Corten-steel-clad level to create a duplex unit up top, bringing the house's height up to four stories total. Designer Alex Gil (quite possibly the first architect/designer we've written about who has his own Etsy store) is calling this the "Carved Duplex," and his website lays out the details, including lots of stainless steel, exposed brick and monolithic built-ins. Gil and his wife have been working on developing the project for a year, and they're giving it a kind of soft launch (no official listing up yet) with an asking price of $1.5 million. It's a 2,000sqft space with a 300sqft roof deck that can be configured as a 1BR/2BA or a 2BR/2BA. Check out the fresh carvings in the gallery above.
· Carved Duplex [Alex Gil Design]

Carved Duplex

95 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY