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Site of Planned UES Rental Building Actually Getting Auctioned

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Once upon a time, a garage at 1113 York Avenue was demolished to make way for a new 173 rental development. It was meant to be developer Sheldon Solow's second rental project in the neighborhood, along with 421 East 60th Street (where rents now range from $2,400 to $14,999/month). Or not. The folks at PropertyShark note that the site (right) of the unbuilt 1113 York tower is going up for foreclosure auction tomorrow. According to a few Wired New York posters, the building was slated for a Costas Kondylis design. Unlike most projects that make it to this sad stage, 1113 York was undone not by its failure to pay the mortgage but by a few mechanic's liens amounting to $9,677,028. You do hate to see that.
According to a Wired New York poster, this was one early rendering of the building, though it became outdated before the building entered the foreclosure process:

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