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RoboCop Selling Upper West Side RoboPenthouse

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RoboCop slept here. How Sotheby's broker Austin Schuster resisted kicking off the listing for this 1BR/1BA co-op at 37 Riverside Drive with those words, we'll never understand. In fact, you won't find any mention of actor Peter Weller at all?the celebrity connection was revealed by the Wall Street Journal today, making up for the paper's mistake of saying this Upper West Side building is in Soho.

As most top-floor pre-war pads go, the place isn't built for families, but that's perfect for someone who's more machine than man. The wraparound terrace and glass-encased seating area are perfect for meditating on such existential quandaries. It's a bummer that the place has been staged (nope, that's not RoboCop's zebra rug), because the WSJ makes it sound like the apartment's previous decor was just as delightfully dated as Robo himself. The place is asking $2 million and it hit the market in July.

· Listing: 37 Riverside Drive - Penthouse [Sotheby's]
· RoboCop's Soho Penthouse [WSJ]

37 Riverside Drive

37 Riverside Drive, New York, NY 10023