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City Orders East Village Tumor Building to Get Shorter

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Back in 2008, the Board of Standards and Appeals ruled against rooftop additions to a pair of East Village buildings by our old friend Ben Shaoul. And now, after some back and forth about the authority of the BSA versus the Buildings Department, a reversal! The Post reports the latest BSA ruling regarding Shaoul's two-floor expansion at 514-516 East 6th Street: the new sixth floor can stay, but the new penthouse has to go. Shaoul's lawyer chooses to see this as, oddly, a "three-quarters victory" for his client. Which we guess means the tenants who brought the original challenge?on the ground that, among other issues, Shaoul made the building unsafe by removing an emergency exit when he added the new floors?are one-quarter happy with the results? Shaoul's lawyer plans to press his advantage by asking for the same ruling on the developer's other edited East Village building, 515 East 5th Street.
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